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WikiLeaks: Good or Evil?

An issue raised in our tutorial discussion this week was about WikiLeaks and if it is actually doing good, or if it is detrimental to society?

I personally believe that it is doing a great thing for society. Without sounding like a tinfoil hat wearing nut, I believe that anything exposes the secrets that a government hides form it’s citizens is doing the right thing by the people. Governments have too much power nowadays and undoubtedly hide secrets from the general public for their own gain., which is unacceptable. Even general stats like civilian deaths in war zones are often hidden and it’s up to “white knights” such as WikiLeaks to help shed light on these.

Without things such as WikiLeaks there would be nobody to question to government, and if you’re not questioning the government then you’re just letting yourself become ruled.

As for the “treason” laws that are being used against Julian Assange, it’s ridiculous that the US is even trying to try him for treason against a country he isn’t even a citizen of. I guess it’s just another example of the US extending their long arm of the law to suit themselves.