An Infinite Regression

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Essay Topic

So apparently we’re required to post our topic on our blog page. So I chose the one that I know the most about; Does the extensive use of computer/video games have an adverse impact on the health of young people. What are the most recent papers? Clarify what all sides of the argument claim and only then offer your reasoned opinion based on facts.

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Week 4 – Cyberspace

Coined by Will Gibson in 1982, the word ‘Cyberspace’ was used in his novel Burning Chrome to describe a way in which users could physically immerse themselves in an electronic medium. The idea of cyberspace has been one of the main driving points behind the science fiction genre. A great example of this is The Matrix. However Gibson himself has said that cyberspace is is actually “evocative and meaningless” and was more of a buzzword than anything else. However the term has changed since the 80’s and now cyberspace is more actively used as a way of describing the global network of information infrastructure. It has more or less become a more conventional way of describing any activity that takes place in or is associated to the internet and its culture. Since it’s inception in the early 80’s, cyberspace has gone from a buzzword with next to no actual meaning to being an all-encompassing, collective definition for anything that occurs on the internet.


 (Thill, 2009, March 19, 1948: William Gibson, Father of Cyberspace, Wired.)

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An introductory post

WordPress. Supposedly the internet’s largest blogging platform and as of August 2011 manages over 22% of all new websites created. One would think, with all the traffic it gathers and the amount of new users opening accounts everyday, that the UI would be far more user friendly. However that could be attributed to my general lack of path-finding skills when using new, cluttered menus. However, I pushed through and here we are.

After initially deciding upon WordPress over Blogger, I came across one of the biggest challenges one faces when creating an online identity; the name. What would I call this blog that would ultimately be used as an assessment piece for the next few weeks of this course. Should it be humourous or profound? Thought-provoking or cliche? After trying out a ridiculously large amount of names I settled on this one; An Infinite Regression. Stolen directly from an Animals as Leaders song; I find that the title is somewhat paradoxical, in that one cannot regress infinitely, yet it still makes sense in it’s own way.

So after settling on a name I set out to choose a theme and get customising. Choosing a theme was simple enough; WordPress has a nice collection of themes to choose from, even if some of them cost upwards of $80. However I found a lot of them to be very similar to one another. I can understand that a large selling point of WordPress is it’s professionalism; however you do get bored of seeing black text on a white background in every theme. I think finding a healthy medium between the blandness of simple black and white themes with the clutter and blinding colour of themes found on other social sites such as Tumblr, is key to finding a nice theme. Hopefully the theme I chose accomplishes that with some tweaking.