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Week 3; A Virtual Library in a Virtual World

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I want to diverge a little from the topic today and really focus on something caught my eye in the article  ‘Mind Control & the Internet’ by Sue Halpern. The thing that really got my attention, and I’ll quote straight from the text:

“You could plug into a computer’s memory banks almost as easily as you put on your shoes. Suddenly, your mind would be full of all the information stored in the computer. You could instantly make yourself an expert in anything from Spanish literature to particle physics…. With biochips to hold the data, all the information in the MIT and Harvard libraries might be stuffed into a volume no greater than that of a sandwich. All of Shakespeare in a BB-sized module…. You may see devices like this before this century ends”  (Halpern, 2011)

Let me first say, I know this kind of tech is decades away from fruition and even longer before it becomes commercially accessible, but I am excited for this. It probably wont happen in my lifetime though, or if it does I’ll be old and senile.

The thought of being able to connect your consciousness into the internet sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie (The Matrix anybody?) but I would welcome this tech with open arms. It would essentially eliminate the need for any formal education; as you could simply just download any knowledge you need. This would also essentially get rid of the problem of student debt and the social class based system that our education system encourages.

However, knowing humanity’s track record of ruining nice things, it would only be a matter of time until someone uses this technology, for lack of a better word, for evil. The amount of ethical issues surrounding introducing this technology are plentiful, more than I’d like to cover in this post.

I’ll just say that I’d love to see this tech come to life, but it no doubt will be shot down by the ethically concerned.


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