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Terribly late on this one, but I have been a bit busy (lazy) this week.

What I felt like discussing in this post is not something that was directly covered in the lecture, but more of an elaboration on what someone said in the lecture. We were talking about how different things communicate with one another (i.e. animals, humans, plants, etc) and the lecturer posed the question, do animals communicate with one another?

A girl at the back seemed confused at how animals could communicate with each other without having a language. But that raised another question, does language have to be spoken/written?

I would say, no. Sign language is a widely accepted language that consists of nothing but non-verbal gestures. Even though it is not audible or legible does not not make it a language. To me, a language is merely a way of communicating between two or more people (or parties) used a predetermined series of commands. There is only one rule to this definition; repetition. You cannot have language without repetition.

If we bring it back to the girl in the lecture, somebody mentioned to her that bees can communicate with each other non-verbally through dance. Yes, dance. Bees have a system of communicating with each other by moving in what looks like a series of dance steps.

So that really answers the question of whether animals can communicate with each other even though they do not have a verbal/written language, but how about the communication between systems in our own bodies?

Our brain sends messages to different parts of our body constantly, mostly sub-consciously, which determines how our body moves as well as other things such as pain and temperature. I am sure it is significantly more technical and scientific than that, but that is just my basic understanding of it.

I guess what I am trying to get at here is that communication is universal. It is not just something that was invented by man, but exists on many different plains of life.


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